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 What is your dream?

Working with a Holistic Health Practitioner allows the best personal wellness service through a holistic program customized for the client using 5 principles fitted to meet the individual's needs.
  1. Lifestyle coaching 
  2. Therapeutic and Functional Exercise
  3. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  4. Therapeutic and Orthopedic Clinical Massage
  5. Reiki Healing  

What other services are provided? 

In Home Personal Training 

Prenatal Personal Training

In Home Massage  (Therapeutic, Orthopedic, Clinical, Pregnancy Massage)

Advanced Metabolic Testing

VO2 Max-Testing 

Functional Cooking Class

Sports Specific High Performance Conditioning

How does the program work?

The journey begins with identifying your personal “dream goal” and then manifesting each goal one at a time. 

Then you will be given a physical assessment to determine your current ability.

Your prescribed workout program will be based on your goals and physical assessment. 

Next we address the healing power of food, following a D.R.E.S.S. for success foundation that will match your metabolic needs.

With your program you will also receive a Therapeutic or Clinical Massage that speeds up your healing process and self care.  

Reiki is also provided which deepens the relaxation. This helps release stress and tension by accelerating the body self-healing ability. Together we remove energy blocks and increase the natural balance of the mind body and spirit.  

What is my goal for YOU?

To create positive results no matter what condition you're in.